Hi, I'm Dr. Basma Faris

OBGYN and Culinary Medicine Specialist

I care for women in all life stages and help them make healthier choices.

This is my journey into Culinary Medicine

Let's get started!

Spring 1997
I graduated with a B.S in Nutrition from
the University of California, Berkeley.
Fall 1998-2000
I moved back to the East Coast and enrolled in MS program and Dietetics Internship
I started my practice as a Registered Dietician in New York City.

This was the first time I got to serve patients and understand their problems. In these five years I realised two things: (1) the importance of nutrition in our overall health (2) my firm belief that my next step should be to become a doctor.

Fall 2005-2009
I entered medical school at the University of Buffalo and fell in love with Women’s health
I matched at the Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC where I completed a 4 year residency.

The excellent training prepared me for being a Generalist OBGYN

The Best Day of my Life
I became a mom

being a mom has shown me how to have balance in my life and has made be a better physician.

Got Certified in Culinary Medicine!
I began my career attending physician. I currently practice as an OBGYN at Weill Cornell Medicine.

I am a mom, a doctor and an advocate of the science of Culinary Medicine. I am also exploring the intersection of technology and health.